How to make money online quickly

By | August 31, 2013

How to make money online quickly

People ask me how to make money online all the time. It will depend on what you think is quick. Making money online can be extremely simple if you know exactly how to do it, and do not waste time and money on pointless projects that have no outcome. There are various methods, and opinions on what is the best way to make the most money in the least amount of time, and here is my opinion:

Niche research and website creating.

If you do not know what a niche is then let me explain, a niche is essentially a subject. For example, you might be looking at a very vague subject, such as weight loss; from there you will need to find a much more specific, targeted subject in which you will base you website on. I will lay out an example, from weight loss, you might whittle it down to “losing 2 stone in 1 month” this is very specific and you can use it as your main niche for which you will write about.
The best niches have low competition, high traffic and high conversion rate. So if you are researching for a niche (through a tool like Google keywords) then the best ones to look for make the most money with a relatively small amount of traffic and enough traffic to keep advert clicks constant (you will need a Google AdSense account to post adverts on your website and earn money when someone clicks the advert). This can potentially take quite a long time, but it can also be very quick if you find the right niche at a fast time.

I found a niche, what is next?

Once you have found your niche, you will need to create your website based around the niche. Make sure that you keep everything that is posted on your website relevant to the niche that you are using. You will need to share your website, and backlink it on other websites (back linking is posting the URL of your website on other websites). If you do this enough, with enough good content, and a steady amount of back linking, then you can and will start making your way up the Google page ranks. Eventually, with enough work you should make your way onto the first page of Google for your specific niche, and maybe even make it to rank 1 in that niche. This will mean you will get the maximum traffic you can for your website, and a much higher AD click rate which will be earning you a lot of money.

This method can be both quick and long, but it is very effective when done correctly, and can make you over £1000 per month or more. The only work you will have to do once you make it to rank 1 in your niche is to keep your website updated with relevant content, and share your website around occasionally. This has made a lot of people a lot of money, and the very successful website can potentially sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds on a website auction site such as