10 ways to make money online quickly

By | September 2, 2013

Just a few ways to make money online quickly

The internet has grown from strength to strength from the 2000s to now. It has essentially been creating million and billionaires quicker than any other type of invention in history. These people didn’t become extremely rich over night, but they all started somewhere. This post will tell you how to earn money online quickly, and from there you may invest your money in other money making opportunities. Every journey starts with 1 step.

Here are 10 ways to make money online quickly:

  • 1.    Online surveys.
    You may not be aware of online surveys, but they are potential gold mines. You only have to sign up to your desired online survey website, confirm your email address (usually you need a PayPal account too) then you are away. You will fill in surveys produced by customers to gain the public’s opinion on their services and or products. This can earn a person a reasonable amount of money, somewhere in the region of £10 a week if you work at it, it can be higher but it can also be lower. This all depends on the website you use and how many surveys you fill out successfully.
  • 2.     Freelance Writing Online.
    This is where you write various things, such as articles or blog post or any other type of writing style for a company, and you get paid per work piece that you write. Money can be very good for this.
  • 3.     Mindless tasks.
    These types of tasks are handled by people like amazon with their Mechanical Turk. All you do is very simple, quick tasks that computers can’t do. This earns a little amount of money but you can complete a lot of tasks very quickly.
  • 4.     Buying and selling.
    This isn’t exclusive to the internet, but you can do it online. You buy objects online, such as phones, and sell them for a dearer price.
  • 5.     Using social media.
    If you have a big presence in the social media world, you can share peoples companies, businesses, project or anything else for a small amount of money. You just need to ask around.
  • 6.     Sell unwanted items.
    Again this isn’t exclusive to the internet, but if you have any unwanted items you can sell them online at places like eBay.
  • 7.     Using your talent.
    If you have a specific talent, such as knowing a lot about radioactivity, people may hire you for your input and research.
  • 8.     Gambling.
    This can be dangerous, but very rewarding. If you find the right gambling website, with the right odds and you put enough money on something and win, you could get a big pay out.
  • 9.     Switch bank accounts. This can earn you up to £100 for just changing the account you bank with, just make sure you inform anyone that pays money into your bank account.
  • 10.  Admin a website.
    If you are good with computers, you can apply to work as an admin at a company, this process may take a bit longer than the other ones stated, but it can be a source of constant income.

These are just 10 ways to make money online quickly but it might not be for you. Get more information before you choose your business. Make sure you are comfortable with the method and you are excited enough about it.

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